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Colleges are Cracked Mirror Images of One Another ?>

Colleges are Cracked Mirror Images of One Another

I can major in education at all 14 of the universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. I can do the same at the state’s public flagships, Penn State and Pitt. I could obtain a bachelor’s degree in English at 14 of the campuses in the State University of New York system. I could major in political science as an undergraduate at 16 of the SUNY campuses, in history at 17 campuses. I could get a Bachelor’s degree…

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What Can Higher Ed Learn from Healthcare Reform? ?>

What Can Higher Ed Learn from Healthcare Reform?

I am thinking of an industry that performs a vital public service with unlimited demand. But it is marked by cost increases that far outstrip inflation, extreme specialization, and a lack of coordination. Sounds familiar, right? But I am thinking of healthcare, not higher education. In many respects, reform of healthcare and higher education are proceeding on parallel tracks. Both are immense industries, with core products that are essential to well-being, heavily subsidized by the public, and entrapped by outdated…

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A.I. Replacing the College Professor? ?>

A.I. Replacing the College Professor?

The end of face-to-face college instruction! That is the startling scenario that a panel contemplated Thursday night as a forum opened on The Future of Higher Education at The New School University in New York. Looking 20 to 30 years out, “The wealthiest institutions will continue to provide face to face instruction. Other universities will not be able to afford to deliver instruction face-to-face any longer,” said Neil Grabois, former provost of Williams College and president of Colgate University. He is now dean of the…

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