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The College of 2020 is a blog about the future of higher education. What will it be like in 2020? What will students demand? Will they submit their essays unedited or order essay check from specialists? How will they pay for an education? How will technology impact learning? What will facilities look like? Higher Education is evolving rapidly. Take a look into the future. Let us know what you think.

Martin Van Der Werf has more than 25 years of experience as a journalist, marketer, writer and entrepreneur, including 8 years at the leading university journal, The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Grant Sabatier is the Head of Eduvantis Digital, the digital strategy division of a leading higher education consulting company. He has ten years of experience in digital marketing, website design, market research, and branding strategy. In the past he has worked for The Chronicle of Higher Education and some of his recent clients include Kaplan Higher Education and Michigan State University.