Hey Buddy — You Got a Dime to Spend on Learning? ?>

Hey Buddy — You Got a Dime to Spend on Learning?

So, it turns out MOOCs, after all the hype, are not the invention that would turn higher education upside down. If anything, MOOCs were the gateway drug that got investors in a lather to throw money at higher education. Now that Coursera, Udacity and EdX — the big MOOC companies — are having a hard time establishing a  business model, some investors are heading back to the sidelines, waiting for the next big disruptor of higher education. Our top writing service works hard and rarely stops further writers' improvement. The insructions were already published at https://topwritingservice.com/.

The ed tech revolution is now morphing into the Learner Revolution. The next wave of innovation in higher education is going to be all about companies that exploit new technology — mobile, analytical, personalized — and mix in learning science to reach out to individual students, identify what will help them succeed, and then travel down the path with them.

A new report I wrote for the Education Design Lab, a Washington-based non-profit, points out eight ideas for shaping this new Learner Revolution. All of these areas need more thinking and more investment: credit portability, 21st-century skills assessment, competency-based credit, real-world learning labs, skills-based academies, adaptive learning and feedback, facilitated peer learning, and learner coaching.

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